Moorezey Holdings Ltd was founded in 2013 with under $1 million and has grown exponentially to now own assets in excess of $80 million.

The company aligns itself with innovation and has identified four key areas of investment; Exceptional Technology, Medical Genomics, Renewable Energy and Exceptional Real Estate.

Our Clean Investment Policy means that our investments contribute to a future we believe in and are aligned with our principles of altruism, integrity, truthfulness, sustainability and responsibility.


Ongoing major advancements in genomics and technology are now responsible for successful life changing treatments for a great number of diseases.

Moore Life invests in companies that are developing disruptive, cutting edge cures and treatments.

Technology is advancing more quickly than ever before.


With a focus on on disruptive technologies, we invest across a number of sectors including AI, Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, Energy Storage, Cloud Technology and more.


We believe that advancements in solar, tidal, wind, decarbonising and energy storage technology will be part of a sustainable future.

We specialise in luxury property development with a keen eye on design, beauty and quality resulting in exceptional real estate.

Roomality  has developed proprietary technology using AI and 3D Innovation. It is an immersive, 3D system that projects a virtual world onto the user’s own surroundings – all without the need of a headset, goggles or glasses. Users can change their environment and relax in a tranquil forest, or watch the sun go down from a desert mountain, or experience the thrill of an Arctic snow blizzard from the comfort of their own home.

Roomality lets users gaze out at the Manhattan skyline from a rooftop terrace, and watch the planes as they land in Queens. The system can even transport you to the surface of the moon.


3D4Medical single handedly revolutionised how anatomy is studied throughout the world through disruptive proprietary 3D technology. 

3D4Medical was on the forefront of innovation and developed proprietary technology and is the owner of several patents.

When Moorezey Holdings sold 3D4Medical to Elsevier in November 2019 for $50.6m, 3D4Medical had replaced traditional textbooks and medical learning in over 300 of the world’s top universities, had over 25 million downloads and over 1.2 million subscribers. Furthermore, 3D4Medical’s award-winning medical platform Complete Anatomy had dominated the top spot on app stores in over 160 countries.
We are proud to have holdings in music and film production companies in our portfolio and promote core entrepreneurial ideas through The Rebel Entrepreneur Series.